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Top 5 reasons to visit Goa

Planet Hollywood Goa Resort : Ten reasons to visit the beautiful Goa

Goa is a complete holiday destination—beaches, rivers, plains, hills, jungles, museums, architecture, history, culture, weather, nightclubs, shopping and everything else that you can think of. If you ask, ‘Why visit Goa’ to different people, the answers will vary based on their age, temperament or interests. But some things rule everyone’s ‘reasons to visit Goa’ list: 1. Beaches : For its 3,702 km of area, Goa has an astounding number of beaches—36 in all! What’s more exciting is that each Goa beach has a distinctiveness of its own. Beaches in North Goa are the most popular ones and are swarmed by a whole lot of local as well as foreign tourists. South Goa beaches, on the other hand, are now gaining popularity among foreign tourists owing to the quiet beach holiday option they offer.