We know you have read those reviews about Goa being a boring place during the summer but not when you are staying at Planet Hollywood. With its own private beach, Utorda, Planet Hollywood provides you with an experience of complete solitude not only during the summer but throughout the year. Take a walk on the cleanest white sand beach overlooking the clear waters of the Arabian sea without having to worry about the typical Goa crowd.

Summer Break

Planet Hollywood is the best place to take kids on Vacation. With kids out of school and a long vacation ahead, it is all the more reason to head to Goa. Planet Hollywood gives you and your family a beautiful opportunity to create a great vacation with its Hollywood themed luxury resort, a private beach, and fun activities.

kids' activities

A family vacation with the kids gives you a chance to do so many things in Goa and you will never find a dull moment. A beach-side destination are favourites with all kids from building castles in the sand and frolicking in the water, to getting adventurous with water sports in the pool like zorbing - nothing beats the fun at Planet Hollywood.


Crab fishing is one of the most unique and interesting trips. Trips can be arranged at any time of the day, though usually it is better to head out in the late afternoon to experience the river and its wonders at their very best. It is truly a magical day out, away from the tourist traps and you see a totally different side of Goa, one that is in harmony with the environment surrounding it and treats it with respect as it not only provides food but a way of life too.


The river cruise is quite an experience as it is more relaxing than thrilling. It is highly recommended to anyone who is looking at doing something in Goa beyond the beaches. Troupe of musicians and dancers provide entertainment to visitors and a sumptuous dinner is also served under the night sky. Full day cruises are also offered.